D. Hope Miller Foundation

Unfortunately our 24 hour hotline is closed until further notice. Due to high call volumes and limited staff we are no longer open weekends.  If you have a medical emergency please dial 9-1-1


About Us...


  • Improve the community's understanding of mental health.
  • Promote mental health awareness and wellness
  • Increase access to treatment and services for those living with mental illness
  • Provide quality mental health services and support
  • Operate as a trauma informed organization and to have our engagement with adolescents and their communities be a protective factor for mental health



  • Our vision is to prevent mental illness and provide emotional wellness for individuals and families as we strive to deliver services and support necessary to improve the quality of life for those living with mental health issues
  • Empower, enrich and restore the lives of those living with mental illness.


  • Everyone, regardless of their race, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, economic status or sexual orientation has the right to be treated with compassion and respect, free from stigma, judgement and prejudice
  • Recognize, respect and respond to every individual with human dignity.

Our Partners

We continuously strive to deliver excellent, high-quality services and support to our clients. In order to embark upon our mission successfully we need the help of others. Through collaborative efforts we can better assist our clients. If you are interested in partnering with us in please contact us.


The Way Home

The Way Home Continuum of Care (COC) is the homeless response system for the Coalition for the homeless in Houston, Pasadena, Conroe and throughout Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties in Texas. The Coalition for the Homeless serves as the lead agency  and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) administrator for the Way Home Houston/Harris County.

Texas H.H.S.C

Texas Health and Human Services Commission manages programs that help families with food, health care, safety. and disaster services which includes WIC, SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, CHIP and Health Texas Women Medicaid. Our partnership increases communities access to these programs. We can help you to apply or renew your benefits online as well as manage your case.  We have a site navigator to assist you with your application. 


The Village Connect

 The Village Connect 501c3 (TVC) was founded in 2016 by 5 young professionals working to address gaps in services for the homeless of Houston on the principles of kindness, dedication, diversity, care, and compassion. Through this partnership we collaborate to better assist clients. TVC focuses on food, housing and stability, while DHMF focuses on Mental Health for our clients


Her Story...

Diachonae Hope Miller was born May 11, 1987. She was diagnosed with multiple mental disorders in her adolescent years. Through therapy and medication her  mother was able to manage and control her symptoms.

In 2009 Diachonae was involved in a hit and run accident, dragged 40 ft. and left for dead. She survived but sustained a brain injury, was left paralyzed and needed 24 hour care. 

She could not feed, bathe nor dress herself. She had a colostomy bag, a catheter and had to wear diapers. She had to relearn things we learn as a baby! This caused her severe trauma in addition to the trauma she experienced as a child. Imagine being young and vibrant, then waking up one day in ICU helpless, not being able to walk, talk or having any memory of what happened.

Over the next 10 years, after the hit and run, Diachonae endured at least 30 major surgeries and more hospitalizations than 1 could recall

Diachonae eventually had to get both of her legs amputated at different times which caused even more pain, grief and mental anguish. She was very hurt, confused, angry and distraught. She often refused therapy and suffered in silence because she didn't think she needed help and she didn't want to take medication or be labeled. It was her belief that nobody cared or understood what she was enduring. She wasn't herself but through it all she kept a smile on her face and she was always singing, dancing and cracking jokes.

In 2019 Diachonae lost her life-long battle against mental illness. Diachonae was my beloved baby sister. In honor of her and her life, the D. Hope Miller Foundation was formed. Her name will live on forever and the world will know her story! I vowed to not let her unfortunate death be in vain and to spend the rest of my life impacting, saving and changing lives. Her memory will live on forever through this organization.                                                     -Aia Miller